Saturday, April 24, 2010

The making of a TARDIS

Arguably one of the most iconic images from Doctor Who is the TARDIS. It's a time traveling machine which can change into any shape desired, sadly it'd been broken and stuck in the form of a police public call box for quite some years now.

Now I know there's been alot of girl TARDISes and Daleks of late. Originally I thought I wouldn't do it because it's done so often now. That being said I started sketching one day of what I thought would be a great TARDIS costume. This was the sketch I made during my history 402 class:
It is indeed a horrible scan and my drawing skills are no match for...erm...anyone with talent but this was my preliminary idea. This of course sat in waiting for quite some time nestled away in my notebook. That is until my local Goodwill received a bunch of brand new items from Target and I came across the perfect dress. With tags still attached it was worth the $5. I originally planned to take it apart to an extent and reassemble it to fit better but it seems one always runs out of time and never gets everything quite finished. Oh well.

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