Friday, April 23, 2010

Hello and welcome to my brand new journal all about costume making!

So I'm finally doing it, I've wanted to start keeping record of my adventures in cosplay making for ages! Lately I've been thinking that depending on how the museum job market is going and where my career goes I may in the future want to do some costume designing. Even a local theater could be tons of fun. Before I even attempt that though I'd like to prove my worth and ability at recreating something from vision or the big screen. For now my interest is really centered on the long running British sci-fi series Doctor Who. I've long time been a fan but only in recent years have I really gotten into cosplaying various characters from the series.

Hopefully this journal will be a place where I can document my trials and tribulations and how I've gone about making things. Whether something comes of my recording it all or not it'll be fun anyway.


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